I’m so 2018 late!!!🙃 This movie was released on 25,December, 2016.

Didn’t know they let women work at NASA”…not because we wear skirts, it’s because we were glasses.” ( I need such a T-shirt tbh)

This movie is about black women breaking barriers, a force to be reckoned with, working for NASA is the 90s! From being referred to as computers to verifying landing coordinates! Black women have been running the world for a long time now.

Extraordinary performance from the whole cast and telling such a beautiful, awesome story, get your tissue nearby for some scenes.


񃑆reedom isn’t granted to the oppressed, its taken.
📍Always fight for what you want, petition the court of you have to just don’t sit there complaining( the only way Mary Jackson was able to become America’s first Female African American aeronautical engineer).

📍Always take one for the team, it is always worth it

📍Always be prepared, never know when opportunity will knock.
📍Math and programming was meant for girls!
📍Black women can run in heels and save the world.

It’s never too late watch something amazing right?
If you have watched it, fill me in on your thoughts. If you haven’t it’s high time you did.

Till next time 💕


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