*If the hurt comes, so will the happiness.*
Be patient
Rupi Kaur

Hey guys, how is the week treating you? I finally watched Gabrielle Union’s Breaking in.
Love me some Gabrielle any day, any time.πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΎ
She’s one of the reasons i have been dying to watch this movie.

I think it’s Ajiona Alexis year! I mean, she’s been in two hyped movies ( Acrimony,young Melinda and now this as Jasmine) go girl!!!πŸ’ͺ🏾

“Fear I can handle, desperation not so much.”

So, the movie is about a lady,Shaun that loses her dad and then has to go back to her childhood home, (read)estate with her kids to prepare it to be put on the market. Unknowing to her, there is a group of (4) men that have also come by to collect /steal some of his wealth. She’s on the phone when she realizes she’s trapped outside and her kids inside with 4 men with nothing to lose. This is when you know, a mother will do a anything for her kids.

Well that’s where you get your popcorns and enjoy the movie.
1. I’m here for women in action and Gabrielle was the perfect fit, no doubt.
2. Loved the visuals.
3.The rape part at the end was so un-necessary. Like NO!, we could have skipped that. It’s still creeping me out. But I’m glad, Shaun put an end to that fool.
4. There were times the story didn’t flow, I’m sorry but someone has got to say this.(one of my friends, Stella loves saying “They lied”

All in all y’all should watch(in case you haven’t) and let me in on your thoughts.


Happy Friday!πŸ’‹


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