I finally watched it.
I know!!! I maybe late to the party but I have to celebrate all wins😂😂.

I once read “Be careful with young love, it breeds entitlement” ,”once someone shows you their true colours for the first time, believe them “(that’s for both Melinda and Richard). “Watch out for mental illness, address it, there is nothing to be ashamed about and it cuts across white, black, blue, green, all of us.”
There have been lots of discussions about this movie so allow me to throw in my two cents.

For starters I would have liked Melinda (Taraji) to get a bigger cheque like 20million dollars , 18 million dollars for all the 18 years and a little more interest. I mean she stayed with this man for 18 years, working two jobs to support his dream she deserved more. I know he was working on his dream but what kind of man stays in a house for 18 years depending on his lady without a job?

Do I think Richard used her YES! He was one of con artist, fishing out con after con. Which man decides to alienate you from your remaining family? Makes you mortgage your house and doesn’t call when you loss it? If he really loved Melinda he would have come back and give her everything like he promised, them being married or not wouldn’t have been the issue. He should have fought little bit harder to get her back.

Do I approve of her behavior after finding out that he had made it, NO!
Sadly or realistically, if we decide to stand by and support someone we are NOT entitled to anything if they succeed unless it was in a contract.

Can we add that Tyler Perry is a genius👏🏾


11 thoughts on “ACRIMONY

  1. She deserved more, your right…he could have been working on his dream while also taking care of his family as a man should!


  2. I don’t know how I even watched it 😭😭
    That movie is too much
    Tyler Perry out did himself.
    Did I think he used her.. Yass!! I hate that she seemed to pour so much if herself in the relationship when he barely did which I also believed fueled all the anger.
    So many lessons in one movie 💛


  3. I am still hurt and trying to get over this movie. Like for how long is one supposed to hold on to patience? Okay yes he might have used her to some extent but then again have we thought that maybe he was actually struggling to survive? Coz he made it in the end and thought about her first. Then the regrets she felt after divorcing him came in, she blamed herself for listening to her sisters. Maaaaaannnnn this movie is so confusing .But I think she shouldn’t have listened to her sisters coz she still loved this guy so much. 😢😢😢


    1. Damnnnn!!! Confusing indeed. In the end we should focus on what we want and be able to constantly defend it. But remember when you a ride a die you die(basing on this movie?)


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