The hate you give little infants f💔cks everybody.

What’s up FAM?
How y’all doing. How’s July been treating y’all.
I recently landed on this book, THE HATE YOU GIVE and my my my, lets just say I’m sad we are parting ways but glad I could pay more attention to my surroundings.

Remember way back in high school where you would sleep, eat, drink that particular novel until you finished it, well that was me. I was turning into a zombie y’all(4 days non stop reading). Angie Thomas is amazing, it being her first book is beyond awesome. It’s about a 16 year old,that witnesses her best friend being killed for no apparent reason apart from being black. It highlights her copying struggles and becoming more aware of her environment. Mugende mu kasomme nkomye awo which literally translates to please go read the book, that’s the only gist i am giving you about it. If you are into activism, black lives matter and police brutality it’s definitely a good read. Fellow bloggers, i highly recommend.

When I got aware of my surroundings I almost wished I had more chapters to occupy me. Seriously one can’t keep up with this country. So the Miss Uganda issue..I can’t even believe it.

Grown women, i repeat grown women condescending, dismissing , tarnishing, bullying a young lady for pronouncing a word differently than what they are apparently accustomed too. The irony is that one even spoke broken English in an attempt to correct the young lady but still had the audacity to gang up on her.

As if that wasn’t enough one of the “judges” went on to defend their actions and so forth.
First of all, no one has ever looked good belittling another. They just gave that girl a spotlight that they desperately wanted to take from her.
Secondly we have different pronunciations of words, learn to let it slide better yet correct someone nicely, belittling, condescending and so forth doesn’t help( it never does)
And please learn to apologize when you are called out for something.
So to the lady that decided to engage in twitter fights with everyone that tried to point the public outcry about this clip. DO BETTER SIS.
On behalf of whoever did the same to you, we apologize(she stated that she too experienced the same hence okay or normal). We want to tell you that it is not normal and okay.

And we are not over reacting.
Such are triggers of depression, suicidal thoughts, loss of self esteem and so forth.
Lastly, don’t let someone leave less happier than how you found them.

Thanks for coming to my TED TALK.
Hugs and kisses 💋💋


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