This is Uganda and its taxes.

I recently came to a conclusion that Uganda is ever evolving. It’s literally hard to keep up.
One thing after the other, one moment we are screaming “Free Stella Nyanzi,” another its seeing our parliament on the Shaderoom with MPs doing back flips and literally moon walking. Some days we laugh at the Land Probe, the other days we cry at the kidnappings and endless murders of women. We scream at the president, tojikwato( don’t touch it) but alas the age limit was changed.
Its always something new!

Right now we are all talking about
the social media and Mobile money tax.

Who bewitched Uganda, one might ask?
Honestly I didn’t think government would go through with these taxes. Like how, why?
The irony is just a week before,Ugandan youth were on twitter running a hastag #KLAphotoweek.
Was this a punishment for advertising a country?

A friend of mine, Mandy based in Botswana told me she wanted to visit UG, so I keep wondering what’s going on in her head when she reads about this.
I know many people are screaming It’s just ugx 200 daily(less than a dollar) ugx 1400 weekly and ugx 6000 monthly, it’s not too much money. But what if it’s 500,1000,3000 after.

In addition to that,we are getting double taxed,you have to pay the bill through mobile money that will impose a tax on you.

A friend told me, if only this money was to be used as an emergency fund so that we stop car washes but we all know it won’t. We shall just see bigger conveys. We woke up to such headlines this Thursday.

How many relatives and friends do you know that actually make a living off social media,either as Social Media Managers or running online businesses. Let’s not forget the ones in the mobile money business.

y’all asked yourselves what it means to them?
In simple terms online traffic has gone down, and very soon they won’t be needed. (I mean, who will pay someone to run a business online when there are no viewers?) How can i have a business completely online now? To survive i will need a physical location hence rent fees for someone already struggling. How many of you rushed to withdraw your money as soon as you heard about the tax? Need we say more?

Even though recent events have been heartbreaking let’s give a round of applause to everyone that has supported #Thistaxmustgo has tag especially the men that were at the forefront on Wednesday.

We salute y’all. You are our heroes!


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