THE NOSE RING: to remove or to move on.

Hey y’all? How we doing? I know I have been so MIA here, and for y’all that have texted me about it, I love y’all.โ™ฅ๐Ÿ’•I am working on this thing called consistency but adulthood won’t let me prosper. Life just happens and you are like woo. I wasn’t ready.
Happy belated Father’s day to all the fathers doing what is expected, willing fathers, future fathers , single mothers and all those casting a helpful hand. Thank you.
So I landed on this tweet(pic attached)that brought me back here (sponsored by twitter) and I knew that I had to just go drop my two cents. Y’all on twitter can just type in “nose ring” to get more insight of the story or read comments.

PS, I am well aware of our African culture and parents so I am not biased as I air out my opinions.

For starters, he saw her with a nose ring and continued with the relationship but expects her to remove it out the blue because she’s going to meet his parents, y’all wilding. One thing I know is that people attach a certain significance to piercings, let it be showbiz,culture,religion etc…it is something to them. So when someone tells you to take a piercing out(that you love) to meet someone, it rubs you the wrong way. It is is not about disrespect. Plus it’s so hard to “respect” people that don’t do the same for what you believe in.
And to the people making noise about piercings please go back to your cultural history, you will be amazed at the piercings back then, so what is the problem? Wat reasons are you exactly stating for the young lady to remove her piercing for your “cultural parents?”

She had a nose ring and you very well knew that your parents don’t agree with this, why did you keep pursuing her then? I have seen girls say no to men(i.e you are too short etc simply because their parents told them they would not accept such, so why didn’t the guy stay off(has anyone realized that he might be selfish)?

To the people that will come up with the job angle, stop right there. We can’t be comparing jobs to marriage.(I actually saw this coming from men mostly) Yes girls are taught to look up to to marriage and boys to marry when ready. But we all know that we would do the most for a job, work extra hours, eat shitty food and so forth as long as we are guaranteed that it will pay off and get better. But in marriage, if we start pretending/lying to our future families will there be happiness in the end or a dark tunnel? No one wants to be stuck with anyone changing them, a job you can leave, a marriage not that easy.(PS I haven’t been married yet .so…)

The thing that gives me a headache about this tweet is why someone would want to lie to their parents about the image of the person they love. I know first impressions matter but have y’all realized your parents want you happy and are willing to overlook certain things? It’s just a nose ring after all,(rolls eyes) like some of you stated.

To my sister over there, it is okay to remove your nose ring when you go to meet someone’s parents. Not everyone’s parents is as open as your own.( incase you wear it around them). Don’t miss out on a “good man” because of a nose ring.

Last but not least people “change” for whoever they like/love. So maybe this young lady is not willing to remove this nose ring simply because she doesn’t like you enough?

But ohh well, LOVE IS PATIENT, you can wait till she out grows it.(๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚)

*images from Pinterest*
See y’all in a while


4 thoughts on “THE NOSE RING: to remove or to move on.

  1. As earlier anticipated, you did not disappoint with the drama. I think girls with nose rings are really cute. Those who don’t think so should also not get into relationships with them. Okay bye.


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