To live is a Blessing

Monday was a hard day. I woke up to the rain which by the way is a blessing but if your not going to have a date with your bed, it is something else. My mind quickly mastered that art, prepped myself, got through the early week traffic and placed myself on my desk. The sad part was not yet over.

I saw the picture making rounds, I forbid myself from asking. “No way” I said to myself. I let the day keep rolling, maybe it was rolling me. The messages kept coming, the pictures were everywhere, even a hashtag, then the audio trying to narrate the events. It was finally true. Death comes uninvited and unexpected. Every time someone dies we take a step back, but when someone young dies you see yourself. You look at their dreams and all they had to accomplish and wonder, Why?

So when shall we have that conversation,many have gone, more of us may somehow join them one way or the other. When do we tell our friends put on a seatbelt or rather when do we start using one? And when do we say let’s use UBER , TAXIFY name it,after a lit night out? Better yet when do we decide that the bottle won’t rob us anymore than it has.When do we start telling ourselves that to live is a blessing and there are no spare parts to this?

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, until dreams are nolonger turned into reality. We need to do better for ourselves and those around us.

Keep your candles burning from where ever you are. RIP


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