Happy new month y’all. (first post this March) and hope we all had a lovely women’s day.

When I was working on some content for women’s day a certain quote caught my eye;

”There is a special place in hell for women that do not help each other.” Madeleine Albright first woman to be the US Secretary of state. (Deep). That quote spoke to me.

I maybe day late but I thought this quote should push me to do one of the blog posts that I have been scared to do that might hopefully inspire a woman out there especially the ones in business or the ones starting up.

Self-employment is on the rise in Uganda, due to very many reasons but also the fact that there is a growing group of creatives that just cannot sit in one place and do the same thing over and over. Do not get me wrong traditional jobs are still very much needed to be filled and they too require creativity and thinking but there is this wave that doesn’t see things in that sense. Let’s refer to the various young entrepreneurs that featured on my blog.( Example and more Some run their businesses and have the ‘’office jobs’’ ‘’9-5’’ and so forth.


When I’m not advocating for self-care or causing trouble with the mute and block buttons,( lol) I double as a Digital marketer, not so different from the normal marketing we are used too, this one just includes use of digital channels. So if you have a business you need help with, hit me up we can work something up.(wink)

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium

Hence today’s blog is about me sharing marketing tips that might be useful to ladies. I know some will argue that how sure are you these will work? Or who are you to give tips blah-blah blah ..but I have had a couple of success stories, increased engagement and so forth I could go on. Am only giving tips that have worked for me, hopefully  they might work for another woman out there.


I have been both on the selling side and buyer side so I believe I can tell you a little more about the other side.

Do a business you are passionate about. Most times I see people about the profitable business they can invest in it. Sweetie, everything is! you just need the passion and develop it. This passion will make you push this business. If you love to make up, ladies go ahead and sell make up. If it is cloths set that boutique up. If it is counselling set up that agency, there are so many people out there willing to pay to talk to someone about their issues.

Love What You Do And Do What You Love

Did you know that people buy because of YOU and may fail to buy because of YOU?Now you know! You are a very big factor in a business, some read this blog because am their friends and others would not because Anita is not their cup of tea. (catch the drift?) but hey focus on the business, no personal feeling attached. And some might want to support you to mock you. Breath in, breath out and get shit done.

Market our business and do not harass people in the process.Create awareness telling us what you are selling.If we ask for the  price please let us know do not harass us( there is  a difference between following up and harassing a client), you will frighten customers if you think everyone asking a price is going to buy. People ask for a price to save and make decisions. So never know when someone finally decides to ask about what you are doing.And if you want to fill people with items, great them first.


 Marketing is a form of support.As a person in business and also being on the other side of business, your friends marketing, twitting, sharing your content is  a form of support. I know it may not be the best as we need the money but when you think of it, they are creating awareness for your brand. Don’t drain their pockets in an aide to support you. If they can support monetarily well and good if they cannot it is okay.


Understand your clients.Dear creatives there is no direct way to make money so learn your clients some pay full amount asap, other installments, accord them the same level of respect and serve them.


Treat your friends as clients when they approach you in the business dynamic. Everybody wants to get their money’s worth. So please treat them like you would to any other client. If so more. (and dear friends don’t make the transaction hard for your friends too, treat them like you would any retailer, speak respectfully.


Listen to your clients.One of my hardest things is learning to bite my tongue a lot!! Especially to people that felt like didn’t have a clue about what they are talking about. But it did pay off in the long run, so guys listen, never how much you can learn.


Use the magic words.I do not know how many businesses have collapsed because someone did don’t say please come in or thank you. Whether a customer has bought or not, say thank you, never know that might guilt trip and come back. Welcome everyone, from the iPhone X user to the cheapest phone user. Welcome them all, phones do not buy items people do.


Stay hungry You started out hungry stay hungry. Be humble. Stay polite. Every money is necessary and can make a difference.


Hope this helps  a business owner out there.


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