Mute, unfollow, block and delete.

Yap, I said it again.( maybe warming up)

PS am not here to fuel any kind of hate or cause trouble.

We live in times where technology has made it extremely easy for us to keep up with each other through social media, Whats App, Facebook, Instagram, snap chat and so forth. So, we can basically get to know what everyone is doing at any one-time if they really want to let us in.


But we need to be true to ourselves and realise the space we are in, the mindset at that moment and know that we can and cannot tolerate.

We need to understand that we are different, we are in different spaces for reasons we cannot explain hence we cannot agree or be happy we what the other is doing.

If you have a job, it’s only understandable you will post a selfie in your office at the start of the day, and there is nothing wrong with that, that is your reality. But if by any chance that job you want is taking longer and you feel a certain way when one updates that selfies, friennndd, please mute them. Yes!! Click mute. The only thing you will get every time you see their status is hate, frustration, anger, you will start feeling a certain type of way and it’s not worth it. The earlier we realize we have different callings and timings, then it won’t be an issue.


You have clearly just broken up with the love of your life, or you thought so, but someone in your contacts is having the time of their life with their partner if you start feeling a type of way. Please mute until further notice.

See where am going with this one?

Tamie Roman, a reality TV star once said that we need to separate your needs and our wants. If you are following someone and they make you feel less of a person, unfollow them because you might put yourself and family at risk trying to keep up.


We find ourselves following various people for various reasons, maybe inspiration , style etc and whatever accomplishment but we need to be real with ourselves that we may not afford the trips to Dubai every year( This home of Wakanda has an amazing scenery y’all), eating out( Ps you can make a boom meal at home) so here it goes unfollow them, you will start asking the ‘’Why me?’’ questions and you will do the most to keep up and the cycle continue.

Remember, you don’t need to follow every celebrity in town, stalk their pages but when that feeling comes up, turn off your phone.

Guys the functions are there use them. You know when it’s time to BLOCK AND DELETE, you know, like when someone is constantly body shaming others,you don’t want to follow that account.

Don’t be that person that allows hate to grow for no reason, don’t let that be your story.


Lastly, be careful what you feed your mind, YOU GROW OFF IT.

And one will ask where I might get my information? ‘’it is amazing what you can get to know when you open a book.’’( wink wink)



  1. Great post!
    Funny how much pressure and tension social media has brought to the millennials.
    The problem with muting, in following, blocking and deleting is, and this is a real life experience; when you do the afore mentioned, you keep thinking about it. Which mounts to more pressure.
    I’ll explain. When I broke up with my girlfriend, I didn’t want to see any of her photos and statuses so I obviously blocked her. But then I kept thinking of how I blocked her which promoted me to unblock her and see what was going on in her life now that I wasn’t in it. But later when I chose to unblock her, it was difficult at first, having to watch her whole life on the timeline. But later I got over it.
    I think that as humans, we need to train ourselves to tolerate, accommodate and live with what is different and not necessarily in our approval. We can not solve differences by pretending they don’t exist.
    One ought to be able to view what they don’t like and still move on with their lives. You block them on social media, how about when you encounter them in real life? Will you block (read kill) them?


    1. Wooo, thank you for sharing. We definitely need to train ourselves to tolerate and accommodate each other,though I don’t think that by muting, and blocking your pretending the issue doesn’t exist. You are eliminating yourself from a certain situation. For long, we have been taught to accommodate everything and everyone that no longer serves us. We need to see what works and what doesn’t work for us. If you are constantly body shaming people we can’t be friends, whether on social media or in real life. The case of the ex girlfriend is abit different, heartbreaks are no joke, but I don’t think”seeing how someone is living without you helps the situation. Imagine someone else in your contacts at the time expressing their love, you would feel a certain type of way hence mute them until you are ready to be around other love birds. Some cope better with checking up, others with blocking. All that am saying, is that it is okay to click those buttons to help yourself “deliberately selfish” I would add. You don’t have to have your plate full all in the name of accommodating people, chose what works for you.

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  2. Really enjoyed reading this so while you are unfollowing people on Wp I am going to follow you for speaking the truth. I also wrote a post just now about unfollowing and I will send it to everyone who made a big deal when I unfollowed them, along with yours 😂

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