Today is both Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s day. ( I believe y’all already knew that)

All I see is love in the air everywhere.

Today is also time for Who’s That Girl edition., yeeeeahhhh. Been a while since we had one of those on the blog.

We all go through hard times, but I haven’t met anyone that has been broken down and has built herself up stronger and better than our next feature.

Stella Kiwanuka aka Stesh,  is a graduate of Association of Business Executives at Management and Accounting Training and also a motivational speaker and Digital Enthusiast. (she was on the Zimba Women 2017 panel.)


Let’s all get to know her better.(WINK)

How has 2018 been so far?

2018 is interesting so far because while I looked forward to a new beginning, I must say there is pretty a lot to take in since some might require sacrifice and strength. But I am no quitter and willing to preserve. (this is coming from a girl that once lost a laptop, phone and a month’s salary all at once)


When did you become a motivational speaker?

March 16,2017.


5 lessons from 2017 that you brought to 2018?

In all things be thankful, good or bad because joy or pain gain or loss, failure or victory are all lessons in themselves.

Do not give up on yourself so soon because other people have already given up on you. BE there for you.


Prayer is ultimate in every step of your life. Because many discussions could have been better with God’s hand in them.

You must always take time off from all the hard work, hustles and chasing life. Back in every moment

Get creative daily. In all areas of your life, lack of creativity will lead to lack of relevancy to the people and the things around you.


Check her out on   FACEBOOK      and on YouTube Stella Kiwanuka if you need a sprinkle of positivism in your life.




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