Hahahah, trying to be creative or something.

How’s 2018 guys. The dry January month is almost coming to an end.

Story time! Earlier this year, I checked out the best songs of 2017, just to see what I had missed and what I should carry in 2018. I landed on LEMON- N.E.R.D Ft Rihanna among other songs.


Don’t shoot and ask me why I had never listened to it until 2018, I don’t know. Best thing is that I finally have. Thereafter, we (the world) woke up to an Instagram post by badgirlriri ‘’Rihanna’’ quote

Woke up to a champ brightening my day like…@ Serena Williams this song just got better thanks to you girl #Lemon.

(The talented Selena Williams decided to make an amazing video with Lemon as a sound track.)


Done bragging about the cool song and video by Serena.

The gist of this post is great things happen when women come together and support each other.

Well Rihanna affirmed to that by saying “this song got better thanks to you girl.”


And she was right. I had friends texting me and telling me about this song, asking me to send it to them, ( yeah, I kind of keep up with music a lot)  do a post about it and so forth as soon as they saw Serena’s video.

So ladies lets  stick together in 2018, clearly we shall make MAGIC.

Did i add that Pharellel has an amazing voice.(wink wink)

Till next time.



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