This is clearly a late submission. It was supposed to be on the eve of 29th November.

This is what happened on the eve of 29th November. It was a Tuesday…… hell no I can’t even remember how I spent that day, but I can tell you about the day I first met Anita.

Having been fully fragmented by my UACE results I set out to my sister’s university which happens to be in the outskirts of town away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, to take a “chill pill”. I was indeed in luck that day, because there was a party. On arrival, my sister introduced me to her roommate, Anita and God knows there was no come back after that introduction, including that night. I made her walk to and from the same destination twice just to escort me, because i kept forgetting my stuff in their   room.15400928_975886879184088_4048615204058541789_n

That day was our Genesis that burst out into many ice cream and pizza dates. Ohh how I miss those. We could catch up on extremely everything including nothing. The long never-ending Whats-app audios seemed to be Anita’s exodus from being my sister’s roommate to be coming a part of me.’ smiling emoji’. Days seemed to grow in Number as i waited to joined the same university, I must admit it was the Promised Land.

Anita and I had this organisation we run, where we were one. Actual, more than in sync. we hated and love the same people, acknowledge the same things, shared stories from all  globes of our lives. It was so much fun when we were together.16819086_1244300772314823_5444615549791675936_o

Anita had a strong spirit that i loved, she taught me self-healing and made my life seem a lot easier. Am not going to write that generic line of ‘we had our ups and downs’ because we had no downs it was always ups take it or leave it.

One day, she graduated and left our globe. I didn’t think it would be any different until I saw someone with a hot dress or wanted to hit the bar or had a burning story. ‘sad face emoji’.  Anita was just not there anymore. I can’t believe I was even stupid enough to procrastinate wishing her a ‘happy birthday’ because most of my first memorable moments at the university,included her.

But on the 29th of November ( her birthday ) Anita gave me a gift.” i was the one to give a gift ”. No one in this wide world had ever done that or possibly ever do that again for me.

Anita,I know it’s kind of late but Happy Birthday and I hope it was an amazing one. I also want you to always know that I celebrate you every day and you have made me happier than you can ever imagine. Against all odds I shall do the same.

Happy Birthday Anita from Julian.




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