It’s graduation season and  took a moment to reflect on this achievement.

I remember barely sleeping that night, I couldn’t hold breakfast in either. The day was here. Yo! I got to scream the famous words ”mama I made it”. And yes I did, a couple of hours later as I teared up when I heard my name read. My first degree and my first stamp to prove that my hard work had finally paid off.


I would like to keep talking about my day and how it made me feel but will let my friends let you in on theirs as well.

So here it goes, may you be inspired.


(this girl made me want to graduate allover again , literally graduation goals!!)


To me graduation meant gratitude. I was grateful that I succeeded in getting that part of my life over with, that I didn’t disappoint my parents nor I  all that investment. Plus, I could finally apply for some jobs.

It also meant that I was lucky and grateful to have an education, which some people don’t.

Yes, graduation is important, however the higher the education, the better but also depends on what you intend to do. I think being creative and innovative is more important though.




Graduation meant a lot,it felt like an accomplished task.



Graduation was like a stepping stone to life. Before you graduate, life seems like a joke, but after you hear your name being read out loud, it hits you, you need to get serious and need a life.24140206_1517265538351677_1387515279_o

Of course, graduation is important, even though it’s the most boring ceremony that I have ever attended (laughs) I think everyone deserves it. I feel proud to have graduated it added something to my life.24169437_1517265595018338_1675645452_o

When people and other students see you in a grown, they usually do not know about the class or the CGPA, they just get excited and all they say is I hope they too graduate.

All in all, graduation is a big deal to students, people think you have made it in life.



It was the closing of one chapter and beginning of a new one.

A chance to start something new in my life.24135174_1517270695017828_1028726736_n

A chance to grow.

Also, evidence of what I can achieve.

Work hard, believe in yourself, might sound cliché, but it’s true and be positive.24140087_1517270138351217_910915687_o


To me it was abit ordinary, I felt it was a long time coming. On a brighter side, it was a wake-up call, I figured out so many different things about myself in regards to personal potential and faults things I would never seen the first time round.24171526_1517274095017488_57877650_n

YES, graduation is important, it seems like such a simple milestone, but many don’t. So, if you do, celebrate. I mean Uganda has a population estimate of over  40 million now but less than 30% of them is illiterate. ( the financial mathematician in him gets to numbers)

It’s possible for everyone out there. If our forefathers achieved it during their harsh days, how about us the ‘’dot.com’’ kids.

The formula is simple Patience and Focus24135337_1517265625018335_466744504_n


So,congratulations if you have reached that milestone it is a start to a new life in its own way. But if you haven’t, work for it. It’s an amazing experience and that day is worth it.







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