Do you hate shopping and are ready for someone else to do it for you at a fee?

Or rather are you not up for going out into the market for the push and shove to get the required groceries for your household?

Not sure whether you will make it to your child’s, kid sister and brother’s visitation and you have items to take for them?

Need a courier service?

Well good news is knocking on your door. Ladies and gentlemen…Drum rolls, I introduce to you yet another innovative lady, Diana Kizza Managing Director Cheers Delivery Service.img-20171012-wa0021411527712.jpg

What is Cheers Delivery Service?

Well to further your introduction, it’s a courier service it helps you get things when and where you need them on your behalf at a fee though.



How did the idea come about?

This idea was built on the scarce time as a resource that is availed to many of us, we find ourselves with not so much time  to cater for our home accessories leaving them in the hands of people we do not even trust hence a chance for us give professional services that can be trusted.


Where did you drive your inspiration for this idea?

Idea was brought about by some family members in European countries that thought it would be good for down here.

I personally love shopping and don’t mind helping people out.

When did Cheers come to life?

Planning started around November 2015 but actualized in May 2016.

Can you take us through the process?

Orders are made from 7 am to 10 am in the morning, and 2-10 pm in the afternoon. Delivery time is usually 45 minutes to an hour. But for items that need to be custom made it takes around 3 days depending.

Payment can be done after delivery or through mobile money when you place an order.


What problem is the business solving?

It is intended to let esteemed customers spend more time on the things they want or can and leave the shopping needs to a trusted group of personnel.

Case scenario, we have had to brace visitation days on behalf of parents with extremely busy schedules and delivery requirements for example in Gayaza.


Did you have a target market when you were starting out?

Internet users since they can get us online.

People that work a lot(full time employment) and probably have one or two resting days and don’t want to spend it shopping.

Basummer, as they are used to this culture in addition to lack of knowledge about where to get certain items.

Any challenges experienced ?

People have not yet warmed up to this culture, that one can actually go and get you what you want professionally and at a fee.

Poor attitude towards the business, probably naysayers, ”it won’t work, no one has the money to waste like that.”

Quality of the products, the customer might expect something different from what is being offered by the service provider.

Daily motivation?

Rome was not built in one day pushes me as it shows that the business will catch up if we keep the right business ventures.


Any words on self employment?

Self-employment is the way to go  even for job hunters.

Lessons learnt that you would like to share?

I have learnt that the best doesn’t come in a day it takes time as you build trust in people for them to trust you back.


Once more check out the delivery serviceCLICK HERE




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