”Sure, give me an adventure and I’ll ride it.” Melissa Auf Der Maur and that  is exactly what I and my dual of sister friends(Nalumansi and Nakimuli) got up to last Saturday. I know y’all are laughing but these sisters go about proudly with their surnames so why not pay tribute to them and fun packed weekend in the best way possible.


(Nalumansi, Nakaweesa and Nakimuli) in that order

So its Wednesday and y’all are looking for weekend plot so am sure that this is a definite go to place to kill off stress, friendship build and try something different.

Alas the day finally came.  Anyway Nalumansi, Nakimuli and I,Nakaweesa found our way to Adoni paint ball Adventures  CLICK HERE to try something different.

For those that haven’t been there and are planning to go to Adoni, it has activities like paint-balling, zip lining, target shooting and high ropes course.

Our instructor was Hakim (Contact here), He welcomed us as soon as we arrived and started us with our first task, Zip lining and high ropes course which he walked us through.


Nakilmuli decided to lead us through the first round but the tables turned as the process went on. Someone asked me what is it like? Well it’s scary, thrilling, gets your adrenaline rushing, opens your whole body(who wouldn’t when your whole life is dependent on ropes not breaking away from another rope).

I cannot describe the feeling I had, swinging from one side to another, walking on ropes and so forth for literally an hour. One must do this in their lifetime, its worth it. Just Contact Hakim and book your weekend.23423666_1498163676928530_1505788216_o

In between the activities we were treated to a meal. In our opinion the food was finger licking, let it be the fries or the chicken. It was worth it.

Once we got our energy back with Nakimuli still shaking I believe she still had the adrenaline rush  going on, we headed to paint balling and target shooting.


We met our second instructor that walked us through. We got suited up and we teamed up with another group. Did I add that those paint-balls are actually painful? Anyway. It was a fun experience where we got the thrill of running around with guns trying to protect our flag.


Would I do it again YES

Apart from the amazing food, the hospitality was on point and all the instructors were equally nice in all stages. I must add it was one of the best experiences I have spent money on with my ninjaz.

For booking call Hakim HERE  and for photography call Hellen  HERE




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