November Positivity

Happy new month everyone.

Am so excited, literally smiles as i write this. I think many of you know why, its my birth-month ( whoop whoop, happy dance).

So being the first day of the very month i was brought into this world, i figured i should write about something am extremely passionate about and currently practicing, being hopeful and  thinking  positive.

Every time i feel life isn’t moving as  fast as it should, i go to a piece Nancy Kacungira once shared on her Facebook page it speaks volumes to me.  check her out HERE( i love this lady, she has my dream job and she inspires me .Lord bless my prayers) y’all can pray for me too. 


I’ve noticed that there are quite a lot of ‘young achiever’ awards these days: young leaders, top 30 under 30, top 40 under 40, etc. It’s wonderful that young people are being recognized for the great work they do – but I think it’s also important to balance the message.

15965410_1493016807405549_8329341487265334464_n So many people feel pressured to achieve at a young age, but everyone’s path is different, and lasting excellence takes time to build. Success that you’re not prepared for can destroy you. It may feel like all your peers are overtaking you sometimes, but remember, this is not a race. I stayed in one job for 7 years, then accelerated through three different ones in just 4 years.

Without knowing what was coming, during my first job I often felt stuck, like I should be moving faster – yet actually I was being grounded and prepared for the next stage. Be happy for others, work hard but be content where you are, and trust your journey; it’s not like anyone else’s.

20046361_1744576655582895_7847283083089634063_n (1)



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