Team Zari but please stop the Hamisa trolls.

Yes you read that right, I am team Zari all the way and that is for many reasons but hey I am also tired of people trolling Hamisa left, east and right. We have all seen the Zari, Diamond and Hamisa drama play out on social media, straight from snapchat, Instagram to Facebook and the blogs (now those had had a field day with this one) But can we all give the ladies here a break.


Firstly, Hamisa may not be my favorite person in the world (not that she cares or knows that I exist) but she is not my kind of girl goals in any way though I know many women and girls calling her ‘’side chick goals’’(lol) Yes!! Hamisa did sleep with a married man, we have a baby to prove that part. We don’t know if it was a one-night stand or something that happened continuously but y’all remember the receipts (video evidence) this girl pulled to make sure Diamond owned up to the baby? Alas that is not why am writing this piece. I am tired of people putting this all on her.


It takes two to tango, by this I mean both Diamond and Hamisa are both to blame, so if y’all want to troll please go in on both. Diamond knew he was married to Zari, abeg the whole world knew that, the whole of Africa knew that, he said it on his E!Entertainment special so let’s not be too quick to act like he doesn’t have a part to play in this.


Back to Hamisa, we all know it was not right of that lady to accept advances from this man, and have a baby by him too. It is all plain wrong. Yes, society of late makes it seem okay that we as ladies shouldn’t respect other ladies so we go in on what they have and take it. We just want to always compete and take what the other person has worked for instead of working on our own. Yes, many are going to hit me with the they are Muslims script but you and I do not know what the arrangement was between Zari and Diamond, so we shall go with what is in plain sight.

If you have read the screenshots(especially from last week starting Thursday) all you can see are people out there justifying Diamonds infidelity and disrespect (he accidentally slides into her as it is always common with married couples). Truthfully, I have never seen so much trash in one statement but oh well! Notice the double standard of how the blame is on Hamisa for letting accepting Diamond to ‘’accidentally slide into her?’’ I mean she didn’t force him, did she? He is a big boy that ‘’accidentally slide into another lady and had a baby with her”. Why was he a married man, out there trying to use another lady and not be ready to ‘’wife her?’’ so much for how he perceives women.

Then comes the desperate people putting the blame on Zari, plain pathetic, ‘’she is too old, and Diamond is young and had to cheat’’ Hold up, I believe that Diamond was aware of all this, Zari being older than him and  being a mother of 3 boys already , with an ex-husband and so forth so please stop going in on her. After all age is nothing but a number plus she is one fine mother of five.(wink wink)


All am saying as much as Hamisa is to blame. Diamond too should be in the ring with her. He is the married man that went out of his way to cheat on the successful, talented and beautiful Zari that he calls his wife and mother of his children. Believe me am out there routing for Zari in the best way I can but please if you are going to drag Hamisa do the same for Diamond stop giving him a free pass.

Every time a picture of Zari, Diamond and the kids is posted people go out of their way to make nasty jokes and harsh statements directed at Hamisa and its not funny at all. It is sickening!


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