Lets talk about Event planners, shall we? ( part two)

Did you know that event planners actual attain discounts from service providers? Ahna well if you didn’t know now you know. Here is the thing, because they constantly know other people in the industry they get to get lower prices and hey who doesn’t want a reduced budget. Yes, you will pay for their services but it will save you a lot more.



Event planners only bring solutions to the table. When you  say this, they are literally the Olivia Pope of functions. Fixing everything left,east and right. So next time you’re planning a function, please call the fixer (event planner).


I believe one of the best things about paying an event planner which Manc Events also agreed to is the flexible payment plan. Just to be clear, please pay up the consultation fees and all that has been billed to you in the specified duration, let’s keep all sides happy. Now back to the point, an event planner gives multiple payment option, installments, credit card, payment on delivery, mobile money (with withdraw charges of course). All that is possible with the event planner.


The gift packages in case you are planning to include them on the event are the best. Event planners actually have the best gift layout. Yes, some say that is ordinary but the presentation that comes with it is on a whole other level.  So next time you want to go extra in the gift section please call up your planner.

Decor, guys decor ( I once read that people invest more in decor and food these days) do no how true but hey decor is on another level currently. Decor will set your event 1000 years into the future. The IT event depends on the décor too.


Well last but not least delivery on time. Cake will definitely be delivered as agreed, the venue booked on time, gifts attained on time, food department sorted and dreams coming true. All this is possible with an event planner


Hurry up and book  Manc Events


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