Save Ugandan music has been one of the trending topics on social media this week, from twitter creating its hashtag to blogs and so forth. There was even a meeting dedicated to it so to pave a way forward for people to save the music industry. Personally, I do not think the music industry needs saving. It just needs improving. Some will ask why is it this a topic even in the first place, well it’s because artists feel Ugandan music isn’t getting enough air play, ever been in the club and all they play is Nigerian, Ghanaian plus South African in addition to American music? In addition to that we as Ugandans don’t even pay attention to our own music, Bebe cool, Cindy name it hold concerts and they literally must beg us to pay and attend. They give us free tickets and still even those that attend fail to praise the work put in.  Forgetting we have literally been begging Wiz Kid to come here for the last year or so. Well we as the listeners and consumers of Ugandan music should step up and support it. Wave our flag high. We too are part of the problem, every time we fail to identify the music put out there by our artists.  The other thing is failing to vote when our artists are nominated for international acts, yet we are busy using company data and MBs to fuel drama or even pull them down.images

So today I decided to put out a play list (with help of my friends) from where people can start from. I assure you this is beautiful home-grown music. Feel free to comment or text me so that we can add onto this playlist and PS this play list is not in any specific order.

Typa Guy by Martha Smallz and Maurice Kirya

I don’t remember exactly when I first heard this song but I remember listening to a girl with an amazing voice. I don’t even remember a guy on it. Well recently I listened to it and I still felt the same. Smooth vocal cords, beautiful music. Ladies this is a MUST have on the playlist. Thank me later.

Drum by Lydia Jazmine

If you have heard this song, you know how cool and dope it is. Yes, Lydia Jazmine out did herself. Personally, I didn’t even know it was her or even Ugandan. But all in all, I am happy listener as it is on the replay list. Come on guys download it and tell me your thoughts about it.

Byakyaalo by Chosen Blood

Yes, it came out late last year, but this song is lit. Yes, its Lit, very beautiful catchy song, I feel it didn’t have enough airplay and he has such a nice vice. Well now you know please listen and down load it.howwebiz_2a4d212538f64f23c3576084dfd05f79_1472285388_cover

Go down Ang3lina

She is one of the artists in the diaspora. Ang3lina, that girl from Uganda. This specific song dropped earlier this year and well it is the future in terms of video, the snap chart filters and so forth, It is a club banger.

Stamina Daddy by Irene Ntale

This song joins Irene’s endless list of beautiful music, well some have said it’s not the best but ohh well at least it has a beautiful creative video. Her former songs like omutima gwe sibye, kyolowoza are amazing. Let’s just watch out for the new thing that she has going for her. All in all I appreciate her music.

Owooma by Geosteady, Charly & Nina

This song has literally dominated charts for the first half of the year. Yes we got our neighbors from Rwanda on it and there is no harm in that. Please don’t forget to download it just in case it missed you( lol)Owooma-by-geosteady-ft-charlyNina

Right Here by Juliana Kanyomozi

Putting a blind eye to I’m still here video. I will say this jam right here is what we truly know Juliana for, beautiful music, amazing melody, amazing video, she definitely takes the crown. This song was giving us “Seven days vibes.” Don’t forget to download.

Soka Lami by Nava Grey

There is no doubt that she is one of the best Vocalists in this country. If you have never seen her perform, please add that to your budget list.Tip! she is worth the live performance. And since I don’t even know enough words to say about this song, just go download.

Mbozi Za Mawla byBebe Cool ft Sauti Sal

This song needs no introduction and neither do the artists. It has dominated enough air play and so forth but we have to celebrate the amazing music and musicians that are changing the game.

Yo Sweet by Rema

I think every girl has this song on their phone and if you don’t, you need to give the music industry an explanation. Well thing is it has those catchy phrases, juice wa mango, yo sweet anything a girl could love. Boy get it on your phones and play it for your girlfriends occasionally. Well she has other jams like Tikula and the other women’s favorite Banyabo.

Gutamiiza by Goodlife and B2C

Amazing song, amazing instrumental, amazing vocals. All said and done. It is a must on your play list in the year 2017.howwebiz_c3308ea6ddb973f549bdf8af647486dd_1499415887_cover

Show Me by Winnie Nwagi

Well she does have one of the best voices in the industry and her songs don’t miss to top the charts. Many people did not agree with the video but we shall close our eyes and stick to the audio. Other jams, olaba oyta, just download more of her songs will definitely pop up.

Specioza by Bobi Wine

Well he is after all one of the best musicians that recently turned into Honorable.  His music has always spoken for itself. I t needs no introduction. It is a good one. Guy don’t forget to support our Honorablehowwebiz_99c9d8edd13102fff3dc3f176f8f0dc0_1487870721_cover

John Rambo by Sheebah Karungi

Saved the best for last.I believe and yes, so do you Sheebah is one of the  best artists of this generation. She has literally done it all, song after song, video after video and so forth. No mark for disappointment. I need some of her energy(lol). This song right here is one everyone’s play list.Check out her jam with Runtown ( whop whop) Weekend very catchy and yes it is for the weekend.

Lets not forget Maurice Kirye’s insane, Eddy Kenzo’s Jubilation and others to be featured on the next blog post.


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