Let’s talk about Event planners, shall we?

Last year my friends and I had to organise a baby shower for another dear friend that was ready to pop,(whop whop!) I guess we didn’t know exactly what we signed up for. This process and experience was one in a million. Firstly, we had to actually sit down and look at the guest list, coordinate everyone’s ideas, look at the venue, the cake and prices and so forth. Guys, hell was just breaking lose!!! One top of living our daily lives and all it came with it, we had to run after guests to confirm their attendance and also service providers, last minute the baker informed us that we had to pick the cake ourselves from her workshop. We literally kept on harassing people to pay off so that we could make a deposit on the venue. Did I add that we had to come into agreement with over 10 girls about the venue and menu?

Am glad the event finally happened and I must say a success but from that day on, I vowed to at least set aside money for an event planner. (just like you i always thought It was a waste of money)

Luckily enough one of my friends is actually an event planner with (Manc events Management)  CHECK  HERE and she agreed to sit down with me and give me an insight on what event planning is all about and why it is really necessary.

An event planner is one that coordinates all aspects of professional meetings and events. One that gets to choose meeting locations, arrange transportation and so  forth. One that actually takes stress off you and bring your vision to life at an event and party.

An event planner is necessary and required due to many reasons listed below.

An event planner assists a client to come up with a theme/concept.  A client can have various concepts and themes that they would like to bring to life at their party and the biggest issue would be bringing it to life. Hence the role of the event planner to make sure that the dreams are brought to reality.22627364_1478178985593666_1459432621_n


As earlier stated an event planner is one that relieves a client of stress while they plan for their function.  Once a wedding planner is hired they get to do all the leg work, run after service providers, secure locations, arrange transportation you need and want and plan all the coordination between you and your guests.


An event planner offers you one package hence cheaper in the long run. You get décor, photography, venue, food and party favors with an event planner. Is there an option better than that? Didn’t think so either. So please  Click Here  and talk to a consultant about this.



Event planners will definitely handle all aspects of the event including emergencies. Y’all remember how the backer changed her mind last minute about the cake delivery. Well if we had and event planner that would fall on them. We would never have known about the behind the scenes. Never!

Using an event planner means things will and must go according to plan, no excuses at all. I know you are asking yourselves, how is this possible? Plain simple, an event planner has plan A, B, C and so forth. If this cake provider is feeling themselves she will get another one in no time. Incase of changing venues, they will look for something in line with what you want. All in all, she has options left,east and right.22662341_1478178998926998_105697236_o

I now believe all of us are getting the gist as to why we need an event planner at our function right?


Well you aren’t satisfied or need more reasons please comment to tell me about it and I will address it in the next post about event planning and its future.

Thanks for dropping by.


7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Event planners, shall we?

  1. Well said my dear, lovely post. It’s time people accepted that an Events Manager is the most important ingredient for organising any function whether small or big.


  2. That is an extraordinary points I have seen here. I think these points can enough to the event administrators to segregate the attending audience category-wise.

    I think Event management concepts that are exclusively tailor-made to weave magic for your brand and spread your message as intended – in order to fulfill you’re business and corporate objectives.

    Most events like Corporate meetings, Business parties and special events that entertain as well as achieve desired results of promoting your Brands/Products/Solutions in an inspiring manner.


  3. Hey Kabiite,
    I will give you 10/10 for your content. Really this blog is clearly understandable and quality content. Anyway, if I plan any event I will definitely follow your tips. This blog can help for all who are waiting to do Events, Engagements, Weddings and so forth.
    Please keep sharing.


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