Miss Pinky in the house.(lol)

Hey guys, hope October is treating you well. Just here to add some color to our lives. I mean independence  had us painted Black, Yellow and red.

But oh well, today’s feature is on the lovely Phiby you can call her Pinky Pwincess too (and am just happy to call her pinky)

Instagram account Pinky   Snap chat -Phiby44


Describe yourself

Lover of Christ, shy, introvert. ( hides face)

What did you want to be when you were younger?


An accountant and maybe lawyer.

So what are you now?

A graduate of Business Administration.


Fashion style

Anything comfortable.( y’all should spot what she deems comfortable)


Must have beauty items

Lipstick, concealer and eye pencil.

What would you eat forever

Rice, chicken and pizza

Best quote

( those are many)

Love yourself and live like tomorrow is not promised.


What are you listening to on repeat

Options – Pitbull Ft Stephen Marley

Talk about Uganda.

It’s beautiful







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