Uganda @55

Happy Independence Day Uganda!!!

Happy 55 years of Independence to my motherland, a place I call home. The pearl of Africa. A country with warm people and rich culture ( even I get shocked by its beauty sometimes).

A country filled with dreamers. A country filled with achievers.( watch out for the segment on young achievers/entrepreneurs, no lie yo!)

Someone once said that, “Uganda is one country where money can be made and one where you can sell your dreamsso yap y’all wanna make some money, move to Uganda!!!

Being part of the Pearl(that makes me a pearl too,hihi) means I get to love me some “Matooke”(green bananas) grasshoppers “ensenene“,  kasoli ( roasted maize), my Rolex,(all day any day),chapati,mujaja( green leaves put in tea). We have the  source of the Nile too.

Yes,even though opposition members of parliament are being dragged left and right for trying to protect the constitution (saying no to the age limit bill, togikwatoko) and all the negativity in the media today I focus on the good and celebrate Uganda.

          “For God and my country!”

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