BAE (Black and Educated)

Happy new Month, October is here!!!!

( hold up that’s two months to the end of the year, damn!!!)


I saw this  T-shirt idea( BAE) on my friend’s wall and I asked her if she was making these very  shirts( like where they real?)

She told me she was thinking about making them but wasn’t sure, there after I told her that I will be on the first customer list when she decides to make them.

Guess what my order appeared two weeks later, my my my….

Wasn’t I happy?( that’s even an understate, I was literally jumping up and down and thank God the next day was Friday, it sure did come in handy)


Most of my  girlfriends have found it really cool but have also expressed concerns about it being out there.


They stated it would scare away the future husbands and boyfriends (rolls eyes) I simply don’t understand how a woman being proud of her achievements can be a problem or a scare to the male society. I mean, shouldn’t we be all excited about our achievements and so forth (but oh well, will get back to this in some other blog post, won’t be salty here  ( as most people like to say )

But hey i graduated earlier this year with my bachelors degree in Business Administration and Management and am still celebrating.



Well if you are out there, both male and female,( the t shirts are unisex between)send me a message or comment on this blog post, to pre-order for this shirt, give it a week and you will be a proud owner of a BAE shirt. They come in black, maroon, pink, grey, blue, red,white and purple.

Please support a starting business, trust me it’s worth it( wink wink)

Plus book me for your modelling gigs too,this is me being super serious lol




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