Yeahhhhhh!!!(happy dance)

We are on the 3rd feature and more than anything are excited. This is for various reasons, one being that I have ladies to feature and secondly because procrastination has not come close to me( it is  a terrible disease by the way)

So today is the day I get to feature;


Everybody needs to know this girl, furthermore get yourself a friend like her( guess that’s why her name is rare because the good ones are rare .. now you know(hih,wink wink)


Describe yourself

A free spirit and by that I mean that I do not like formality that comes with being a human and all the external controls of life. I strongly value love for each and every one, empathy to be exact. Am so selfless because I believe we are all soulmates though in different bodies.

I make sure that my life is not a reaction to others.(like I do not go with the vogue.)

I fully accept myself for what I am and not what people think I should be or do. Life is a flow of love and I let myself be the light.




What did you want to be when you were younger?

Growing up I wanted to be a doctor but I think that parents have a lot of influence here. (I mean, it’s not me at all)

What did you grow up to be?

Super flexible, I can do all types of work / business. I believe am not limited to any type of work and am willing to learn (does that make me an entrepreneur?)


Fashion style

I would rock anything as long as I feel good in it.

Must have Beauty items

Apple Cider Vinegar, yoghurt mask and clay mask . I don’t like using make up a lot and when I do its usually lipstick (that’s occasional). I love my natural look.

What would you eat forever?

Would eat chocolate over and over again, my favorite being rum and raisins .



’To be calm is the highest achievement of self’’

As young adults there many things that breaks us. The annoyance, anxiety and every challenging thing that life throws at us but remaining calm through all this is what makes us strong.

This is my greatest achievement because I cannot hold myself down or let anger and disappointments destroy me. I choose to be calm.

Are you reading anything?

Reading so many books at once but my favourites include

The book of Noah, it’s a non-canonical book by the great grandfather Noah.

The book of Joy by Desmond Tutu and Dalai Lama.


What are you listening to on repeat?

The night we met by Lord Huron



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