Confessions of a 25 year old.


I do not want boys that invite me to their homes to ‘’chill’’.     I DON’T!!!!

I do not need boys that just take me to the bar for  ”just” a drink.

Furthermore, I do not want anything to do with a boy that has his girl already.

I am not ready nor willing to be anyone’s secret!




This is what I want though,

I want a man that invites me on a real date, one where we can talk calmly.

I want a man that will make me put on my pretty dress so that I can share a special moment with him.


I want someone that will see my beauty not only on the outside but also on the inside.

I am not interested in being glorified as a sex object just as boys do.


This piece was a collaboration between Barbra Namitala and I.

Thank you for taking time off to read.



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