(The Vlogger)

  Met Becky a couple of weeks back, she’s one of those easy to talk to kind of girl.

I peached to her the new segment of my blog and she was happy to feature. I am excited simply because this is the fastest and easiest way to get to know my new friend  (wink wink)

Did I add that she is a vlogger? Guess you can see the connection, vlogger and blogger friendship. (lol)



Describe yourself

Happy, enthusiastic, social and fun. Loves adventure and trying out new things. Vlogging is a hobby. Loves trying out different cuisines. I am fearless when it comes to activities like rafting, zip lining and water rafting.


Tell us about your relationship with vlogging.

Firstly a vlogger is literally a video blogger, one that records video blog. Ever since I started vlogging I discovered how down to earth I am. Fearless, some could say but also amazing. Not miss amazing though. Vlogging has been an awesome journey that has enabled me to share a little bit of what happens in my life and the things that I love and hope for. It is aspiring young women to discover hidden talent and who they are.


What did you major in at the university?

Environmental science (inserts shy emoji) it is about the environment and protecting it as well. It includes dealing with human health too, health and safety aspects.

Quote to live by


What did you want to be when you were younger?

Wanted to be a doctor, musician and also tennis player (Serena Williams was a big inspiration) Oh plus a chef (hides face)

So what happened to being a chef?

I still want to be one but just as a hobby. Cooking is a hobby on my end.

What does Uganda mean to you/Describe Uganda

Beautiful country with different cultures and loving hospital people. The food is fresh, yummy and organic. No place like home. Uganda has amazing hills in the west, dynamic forests and animals in the north,central and east. It has mountains and beautiful scenery.


Fashion style

Anything simple, elegant and smart and makes me look great. Not really a fashionista or fashion icon.


Beauty items

Oh those are many,(prepare yourself)concealer,foundation,lip gloss, lip balm, lipstick, lippie stick by colour pop , eye liner , lip liner, brow pencils( where need be) cleansers, facial scrubs, body scrubs, lotion, moisturizer. I do love my body.


Meals you could eat forever

Chicken Tikka, fish tikka

Velvet cake (not a meal but qualifies for desert)

Book you are currently reading 

Five love languages by Gary Chapman(Just reading, was recommended by a friend)



What are you listening to on repeat?

The Hill album by Travis Greene

( repeated hill song like 30 times)

Don’t forget to subscribe to her vlog



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