Hi there,

guess what??  I recently started up a new segment that will exist each and every Wednesday. (So help me God).

It’s designed to show off the beauty and individuality in each one of us. Recently inspired by Eve single titled ‘’who’s that girl’ ’I did ask some of my friends to feature and they did come through, but if you are out there and you can feature or know anyone that would be interested in this please contact with me. I would really love to show off any willing female and celebrate individuality and maybe similarities. (Who knows you might have a twin out there lol ) or better yet, share some style tips.

So my first feature goes to one of my home girls, Margret or MAGGIE as she likes to call herself, I love calling her Margarita though (always a dose of laughter, you know that cocktail that leaves you all excited and happy for no good reason?) wink wink 


(Ugandan girl in Sweden)


Describe yourself.

Loves laughing, even when angry I still laugh. Loves caring for all those around me. Loves traveling and surprises. Hates people that take my peace away. Loves social media especially snap chat, her snap code is maggiemaggie98


What does Uganda mean to you/Describe Uganda?

Where my story starts.

One of the most beautiful countries in Africa. A place with good music, caring people, one that natures children. So forth and So forth, too many beautiful things to say.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Journalist hence studying literature in school. But at times what we want is not what we get, and sometimes what we want changes as we grow up.

QUOTE you live by

Some wounds never heal.

We do bad things to people; they forgive us but never forget. Therefore be careful how you act around people.

Fashion style

Loves black (for no apparent reason). Loves combining colors and in addition to that dresses and high heels. Usually rocking a natural face( make up free)  unless when going out.


Beauty items

-Matte lipstick simply because it does not wear off easily

-Nail polish, but all the depends on the outfits being put on.


Perfumes (Olympia)


Meals you could eat forever

Matooke and rice combined with groundnuts and fish sauce.

Even in Sweden we always find a way to have local food.

 What are you listening to on repeat?

Insane Maurice Kirya



6 thoughts on “WHO’S THAT GIRL

  1. It’s been a long time since I read a fashion blog, but I had to read this one. Such a good start up piece it is, simple and detailed. I look forward to the next ones !


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