A friend of mine has been gashing about Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow, telling me how it must be on my playlist. She told me it has a Nicki Minaj feel to it, some rap, some trap but all in all it is a good one. It wasn’t until I found it on her replay that I realised she was serious and decided to take her up on it.


The next time I was near Wi-Fi(Blame it on the SWIFT affordable bundles lol)  I decided to check out the video (I mean kill two birds with one stone, watch the video and get the audio) I stopped half way!

It’s not a bad video, relax!! but I was getting distracted. And this is just my view, in between all the outfits and trying to understand what she was saying. It felt like she had something in her mouth and the words were not coming out properly at first or it might have been just the accent  or grammar  ( She has a nice husky deep voice though )Maybe because she is new to my ears I was abit slow on catching  her hype . I just had to switch to audio.


So my first attempt on the audio I was confused with statements like ‘These expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes.’’This went on until my third attempt. Want to guess what the catchy phrase was after that?  Spot on. Well it went on my replay for around two days. Still on my most played playlist now.

But hey am not here to give a review of the song and critique it. I just wanted to refer it to life as it spoke a lot.

Every day we meet different people from different walks of life and we fail to give them a chance. Yes society tells us that we cannot be friends with every human being but we can live peacefully and in so doing we don’t have to troll everyone around us to feel better.

Noticed how there is so much hate and negative vibes going around. Noticed statements like ‘I don’t like that person’’ when asked why, there is no response or something in the line of ‘’I just didn’t like her the first time.’’

Yes first impressions matter, but what about second chances. If I had put that song off the moment I got irritated with the ‘’these expensive statement’’, as I would have preferred a ‘’this is expensive’’, technically it’s a correct English statement. I would have missed out on a nice song.

This song was a classic example of how fast people are to critic than to applaud someone’s success. Remember how my friend and I kept talking about the  Nicki Minaj inspiration to the song?, or rather how I hated her accent at first and so forth. This is exactly what we do to people around us when they come up with various projects and success stories. We look for what is wrong and never what went right. Bringing each other down more instead of uplifting each other.

As humans we are not perfect but we also have some spot on good qualities, though people tend to focus on the negatives mostly. They might not be negatives but simply ideas we create in our minds to dislike a certain person or what they are doing. So let’s start working on our minds, set them free from negativity and bring more positivity as the world could use more of it. Let’s route for each other more. Great things happen when we do.

Did you know that Cardi B is the first artist on Love and Hip to actually make it to the Billboard Hot 100? (Claps hands).

Till next time.



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