One of the hardest and most hated day of the week.

I have grown up to quotes and memes against Monday, I cannot even begin to describe. Whatever Monday did to most us is soon to be discovered.

Well it is a new month, August and guess what, it’s only four months to the end of 2017. You cannot still hate Monday. It is so long overdue.

So I believe I figured out how you could stride through Monday just like do on Thursday and Friday and trust me it’s more fun and refreshing.

Speak positivity onto Monday. So I figured if you keep saying, Monday is a good day to start afresh and work on your hustle, surely you will not hate it after all. Create your own inspirational slogans or hashtags , one of my personal best  ‘Money Mondays’ . You have come from a well-rested weekend and filled with this energy that you must manifest into your hustle.  Nothing can be wrong about this.

Dress well and comfortable. Monday cloths should be prepared on Friday morning. Why ? This is the one day you are extremely happy about leaving work and going out. So just drop abit of excitement into that Monday outfit that day and boom you are ready to go. Works for me every time.( try it out and let me know)

Drink a lot of water. We all know how important water is. You have come from a chilled weekend to catching up on last week’s assignments to earning new ones. Water is definitely a requirement here as it is the only thing that will keep you hydrated, glowing skin and sane. Plus you do not want to look like the hard party weekend you just had. Oh plus you get to keep running to the bathroom every Thirty minutes or so hence time flying as you get a good exercise.

The best advice to get over Monday is to actually accept it. Don’t go looking for Friday on a Monday… nope, accept the fact that it is day one of your working week and buckle up to receive all that is to be thrown at you.

Makes sense right??

Oh, I think I have had a fab couple of Mondays after I tried this.  lol Till next time.






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