The year is 2017 and it is a good time to be alive in the Pearl of Africa.  Exactly 7 days  ago, a week to be exact musician Bobi Wine turned himself into Honorable Robert Kyagulanyi Ssetamu.  This was after he won the Kyadondo  East by elections by a landslide (whoop whoop).

He has been topping charts (Tugambire ku Jennifer, Singa, Carolina,Kiwaani, Bada! And so many more) for a long time now.  He has considered himself a business man, entrepreneur, musician and philanthropist.

He once stated.’’ If the parliament cannot come to the ghetto we shall bring the ghetto to it.’’And he did not disappoint.

Last Tuesday, 11th July,2017 masses crowded the city to accompany their sign of hope to the  swearing in ceremony.  Bringing it to a standstill. The city was filled and packed with hope, expectations, dust, desire and change. His Excellency Bobi Wine then turned into Honorable Robert Kyagulyani.

So while may many not understand the fuss that comes with this man, and is new position considering we have Judith Babirye and Kato Lubwama in parliament too, allow me to break it down to you according to my opinion.

You are the power you need.

When he called himself His Excellency the ghetto president. Many laughed wondering how he could even come up with that title. He set to prove them wrong. He decided to live for the ghetto, developed what he could, offered what he could and in addition to that inspired many. He stayed them and showed them the rugs to riches story. He showed them that even in the Ghetto you can still make it. He even sang a song about it. So he made it happen. He believed it and after sold us the dream which we bought, all the way to parliament.

Confession is possession.

Remember that saying common in school mostly.  Literally confess it, believe it and then work towards it, from a musician to ghetto president to honourable who knows maybe the next step is President.

Life is a process. Enjoy it.

‘’You are exactly where you need to be at this moment. Do not rush it. This is exactly what happened. As musician he shinned his light, as a husband and father which his wife can testify too (refer to her interviews and various social media accounts) and in addition to that a president of the ghetto. The stories of how many he has inspired others to be better. As a leader of his signing crew firebase, they too can justify his mentorship. His duties as a citizen and also a member of the ghetto. To now turning into a member of parliament ready to bring a common man’s views to light.

Grow from experiences.

We have all heard the rugs to riches story. A boy from the ghetto, that was raised in the ghetto and decided to make the most out of what the ghetto brought to him. If he is not the best person to represent the ghetto, personally I don’t even know any other person who can. He claimed the ghetto as many people shunned it. He decided to build and raise his family there. He has hope for it, always had and will always do.

Family is everything.

We all know this, at times we lose focus of this intentionally or unintentionally. But let’s not forget, there is a lot of power in family. When Bobi Wine first decided and let the public known about his intentions, we saw pictures of his wife and little kids clad in T-shirts with the  hash tag  ‘bikwasekyagulanyi’ These pictures were shared by various people on various social media sites. To many these pictures meant a lot, unity, support and togetherness and so much more.

Like the saying goes, save the best for the last.

Behind a successful man, is  a strong woman. If you have been paying attention to this family minus the elections themselves you will see that Barbie has been nothing short of strong and supportive. Her themed decorative parties at Busabala beach, to her charity work, to her support of all working mothers. Her various social media sites do not disappoint.  We thank God for snap chat too where we have gotten a chance to see their lives first hand.  Back to Barbie, need I say more?






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