Warm loves

Some days will be darker than the rest. Some nights will be colder than others.

The sun will not look as bright as it ought to be.The flowers won’t bring you joy like they used to. You will slowly accept the pain.

You eyes will learn to block the tears.  Nature will start to become your friend once more.  You will begin to embrace the warm colors that come with it.You will appreciate the dark nights, rainy days and the sun rays that will hit your eyes in the morning.The candle of love will definitely keep burning.You will learn to accept the beauty that comes with living.A smile will curve on your face.

You will heal. But more so you will affirm to that smile up to the Heavens. Because you know the Heavens are smiling down on you. Your memories will forever live on and they will always be with you.19021495_1354848671260032_1271125465_n



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