Business Administration and Management

One of my favorite apps is Twitter. I can’t even begin to express the emotional attachment to this app.Everyone should get an account by the way.  UOTs(Ugandans on Twitter) there are the real deal. Twitter is informative, first hand information as soon as it drops it hits twitter. Its educational, facts, sarcasm, argumentative and a good reality check.

So during the week i landed on a thread that was talking about Ugandans going abroad to attain higher quality expensive education only to come back and competite for low paying jobs(500,000/=) was constantly stated.The arguments and statistics were throw in until i landed on this one tweet that caught my eye. The tweep stated “imagine one spending money abroad only to study Business Administration.” I could not believe my eyes. I just couldn’t. i pitied that kind of thinking from a fellow Ugandan.

So below is my reaction, Firstly it is okay Ugandans to go abroad and spend lots of money on equality Education especially in Business Administration and Management. All courses are great and amazing and Business Administration is among those amazing courses simply because each and everyday of our lives involves business administration and management skills.

As Ugandans, we are afraid to set up business for various reasons, lack of capital being a front runner forgetting that capital includes the will and motivation to perform a project. Half of the “educated” Ugandans want offices jobs, forgetting that you can create the office you need and want your self. Ugandans want to do what everyone is doing and interestingly the same way. We are afraid to think outside the box and when someone dares to think different we try to demoralize them.Then comes the spending habits of Ugandans which are appalling. We spend for no reason. We literally have no saving culture. We want to go for every function in town, eat from the latest food places, have the best “trending” cloths.  We even borrow money to spend.We simply just want to spend and spend. Once someone tweeted that we should be taught about living within our means and my the backlash they received!!( This will be a discussion for another day) In hospitals, the people that allocate the prices to the surgeries we require are under the business field. Daily buying and selling products is considered business however big, however small.

Cafe javas image

Hence i believe if someone can afford please go ahead and spend money on quality Business Administration education, it will definately do This country lots of good.


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